Race / Ethnicity NJ Public School Students

  • New Jersey’s public school system serves 1.37 million students from pre-Kindergarten through high school.

  • The New Jersey Department of Education oversees 2,522 schools operating across 599 school districts. 89 of these schools are charters serving 41,620 students.

  • 38% of public school students in New Jersey are economically disadvantaged.

  • 5% of public school students in New Jersey have limited English proficiency.

  •  NJ has a 90% 4-year adjusted high school graduation rate, with a 97% graduation rate for Asian students, 82% for Black students, 83% for Hispanic students, 94% for White students, 82% for economically disadvantaged students, and 74% for limited English proficiency students.

  • 79% of high school graduates matriculate to a post-secondary institution (34% of these students enter 2-year institutions and 65% enter 4-year institutions).